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A year ago, in the same situation as this Tuesday, after leaving the return leg of the Champions League semifinals, Karim Benzema monopolized, with justice, the holders of the pass to the final of Real Madrid. A magical play, for the history of the competition, in the Vicente Calderón band had given the Whites the pass to the Cardiff final, the second consecutive.

if reserved for the big occasions, Karim Benzema barely appeared since that day, May 12, 2017, until this Tuesday, May 1, 2018. A difficult year with whistles, with many goodbye rumors and with few goals. But he came, again, the Champions League semi-final second leg … and showed off in one of the most decisive matches in the '9' target.

Two goals, all of Madrid this Tuesday, in a performance that may well be worth to continue in the white club . This is football, for good and for bad. A great performance in this round, with ultra-decisive goals, covers the whole season. Because the goals were relevant. They sent Madrid to Kiev in the third Champions League final.

A header in the 11th minute eight after Bayern took the lead, and a penalty in the first minute of the second half taking advantage of the error of goalkeeper Ulreich, reconciled the French with the Bernabéu, who applauded him as he had not seen for years. It was not for less, since his performance, besides surprising you, was vital.

Benzema, with the Bernabéu in the background, celebrating the first goal.


It may be said, with reason, that the goals are not brilliant, but that would be to minimize, and unfairly, a performance that goes beyond the goals : He fought, he made passes, he created a game, everything he did wrong in recent months and well in recent years. But, in addition, the many are no small thing. A header at the back post that you have to know to finish and a position where you have to be. If the goalkeeper fails and there is no striker to take advantage of the error, the fault is not a fault. He marked 'Raul'.

Benzema resurfaced on the day of the elect a game in which he would have been a substitute under normal conditions, but the injury of Carvajal and Nacho forced Zidane to delay Lucas Vázquez (and how well the Galician complied). That movement opened a hole in the eleven. It was for Karim, substitute in the first leg and in the last of this season.

The Frenchman, fifth top scorer in the history of the Champions is a great night player. And football is made for those encounters. You can argue that this year has been bad (very bad), but two goals to Bayern Munich change everything. It's the magic of football. And Benzema, still, has that European aura.




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