The ball hits Marcelo's hand

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The Real Madrid, ay, Real Madrid. The years pass, the springs arrive and there they are, fighting for the Champions . In five years, four finals and, at the moment, three titles. The Thirteenth at play in Kiev the joy in Bernabéu and the feeling of invulnerability in Europe . What are you going to do, think the Catalans. Again, on his couch, sitting and contemplating the possibility of the 'Orejona' traveling to the capital. In recent years, the Catalans have sympathized with everyone: Bayern, Juventus … It did not matter who appeared on the road -and nobody believes that you have to go with the Spanish team-. The end of the story was always (is) the same. And that stings in Barcelona for many reasons.


The Barça players still have a chance to sing victory: Madrid lose the final of the Champions League . Otherwise, your Double will move to the background. Things as they are. Why deny it? The team of Valverde has had a great season, yes, that is unquestionable. He has won the League (the seventh in ten years), for now, without falling into a single match. And it was raised in the Copa del Rey crushing Sevilla (5-0) with a great Iniesta and a Messi excelso. Anyone would give anything to raise two titles each course. Surely, even the whites. But, of course, all those merits will be reduced to the minimum if the team of Zidane wins the Thirteenth. After all, the seasons are valued in comparison with what the eternal rival does.


Real Madrid has reached the final after two disputed refereeing controversies. The first, the clear penalty of Benatia on Lucas Vázquez. That, although it is discussed by the Catalan press, was correctly indicated. In contrast, Çakir does fail in the return of the semi-finals against Bayern. Before the first half was finished, the ball hits the arm of Marcelo who was inside the area. The referee, however, saw nothing. And that hurts Bayern, Barcelona and antimadridism he was talking about Zidane at a press conference

The ball hits in the hand of Marcelo.


The Barcelona with five Champions is very far from the Real Madrid, that can win the Thirteenth in Kiev . The set of Chamartín in addition, may be the first to win it in three consecutive years. And, of course, they will have to spend many seasons – and, above all, it would have to lower the level of the targets a lot – so that the Catalans would choose to equalize in number of continental titles to the whites. Moreover, Zidane would overtake in Champions to Pep Guardiola, Barcelona's totem pole on the bench. The blow would be very hard


The Barcelona in recent years, has lost its identity. La Masía has gone from being the jewel in the crown to leaving the first team as an orphan. The last one to leave the Catalan academy was Sergi Roberto. Nobody else has triumphed. Thiago in Munich; Rafinha sold; Deulofeu again outside … and adds and continues. Now, it is based on a check book. Meanwhile, Madrid, although it has continued to go to the market, has done it with more skill. He took Asensio to Barcelona, ​​has Lucas, Ramos or Carvajal himself. He has collected players (some from the house and others not) who have identified with the club. And that, to this day, does not happen in Barcelona.

 Sergio Ramos celebrates Madrid's pass to the final.

Sergio Ramos celebrates Madrid's pass to the final.





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