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Alejandro José Hernández Hernández, as in that song from Serrat I would think that Sunday could “be a great day”. The referee had a Classic – in theory, decaffeinated – and with Liga decided. That's why his problems were minor. Or so he thought. He had been appointed to referee at the Camp Nou and had plenty of experience to cope with the match: he is 35 years old, he is international since 2014 and has been in the First Division for six seasons. But he did not count on being the protagonist, with his surnames transcended, with which today, in each office and in each bar, talk about him. Why? At this point, it may not be necessary to remember his mistakes of the Classic, but his history.

Hernández Hernández, actually, already damaged Madrid twice before . And, in both, it was in a Classic. In the first, in the 2015/16 season, the white team won, with comeback included (1-2), but complained about their performance: expelled Sergio Ramos and annulled a goal to Gareth Bale. And, the following season, more of the same, returned to red merengue central, but won the Barcelona (2-3). But his big nights do not end there …

In Barcelona they also have it in mind -for good and for bad-. The reason? Hernández Hernández made a big mistake in the match against Betis last season: he annulled a ghost goal to Luis Suárez in the Benito Villamarín A few days later, he acknowledged his mistake: “I understand the anger of a lot of people, but it was impossible that we could see it. It was a very quick action that my assistant could not see and I could not help him. You leave with that very unpleasant taste in your mouth. It's a mistake that you drag, because every time you have a challenge ahead, this will come to light. ” Although, yes, the Catalans stopped complaining after they were heard, in a later match, two penalties in favor against Eibar : one on Neymar and another on Jordi Alba.

And yesterday? More of the same. Of course, the biggest damaged was the Real Madrid. If errors are put on a scale, the coin falls in favor of Barcelona . Because although Bale had to be expelled by a back entrance to Umtiti the referee influenced more decisively in plays against the targets: Jordi Alba's penalty over Marcelo and the lack of Luis Suárez in the second goal of Barcelona. “It's been a bit lacking,” the Uruguayan later admitted, when asked about television.

That's Hernández-Hernández's record, which may not have had a good day. Things that happen. He, like everyone, is human. He had the luck, yes, that in the game the League was not decided. Otherwise, his name and surnames would not be the talk of a day, but would be present for a long time.




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