Zidane greets Cristiano after the pass to the final.

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Three Champions finals in two and a half years as a coach. Zinedine Zidane challenges time . What he has achieved has never been achieved. He leads more finals than full years as Real Madrid coach. He arrived in the middle of a season (2015/16) and five months earned him the first final. Afterwards, two full courses earned him another two.

The Champions League treats Zidane very well . Or Zidane to the Champions League. Although the Frenchman, in an exercise of honesty, says that the League is more important to him, it is the European Cup that has most exalted Zizou . The last team to reach three Champions League finals in a row was Juventus (1996-98) and there he was . Two decades later, repeats feat in the benches and with better final, since that Italian team lost two of the three that played.

Real Madrid qualified on Tuesday for the game in which it can be again champion of Europe. And this phrase is worth in the last two years, where Madrid still does not lose. And in that has to do much the French coach who came in a Kings pre-season to the white bench and will end up giving away so many European Cups that will have to consider whether the reform of the Bernabéu should be done to host so much trophy.

Zidane greets Cristiano after the pass to the final.

Real Madrid

Criticized and ignored by the most 'purist' sector of football, the one who tells you without any blush that Guardiola is the best coach in the world whatever he does and even though Take five consecutive years without stepping on a Champions League final, which has played only two years in nine training the most powerful teams in each country, Zidane has again shown that from the tranquility and the good wardrobe management can be achieved. No revolution or inventions are needed. No desperation in bad times.

The data is what it is and reflects a clear trend in the world of soccer . While the coaches with a media environment behind are deflating (Guardiola, Mourinho, Ancelotti …), those that transcend any analysis grow, showing that this sport is much more than a convoluted tactic or an epic message . There they would be Jupp Heynckes (brilliant, he retires recovering the usual Bayern, leaving him with honor), Ernesto Valverde and, of course, Zinedine Zidane.

And it is not that the French only align, as they say those who do not they accept that a new coach, with hardly any experience on the bench, has reached the third Champions League final. In this competition, Zidane is the protagonist of movements that were very decisive . The bet of Lucas Vázquez on the side is the most recent, but we must not forget the figures of Asensio and Lucas himself in Paris, Isco's in the whole tournament and the changes, what resisted him the most. And also to continue counting on those who were already there, despite the pressures. Keylor Navas hero of the semifinal, is a personal bet of Zidane.

Zidane values ​​the pass to the final of Real Madrid

Zidane already has three consecutive Champions finals. That never came Guardiola who did not come with Barcelona or Bayern. That spectacular Barça with Leo Messi in star mode did not reach it either . And what is remembered, because football comes to win, are the titles. This Real Madrid, with four finals in five years, has already achieved what Barcelona did not get Guardiola. He will not play better and will not have as much possession, but, and in the absence of what happens in Kiev, he raises more Champions (the tournament, by far, more important and the one that best judges these projects), than any other, also that of Pep

The comparison with the Catalan coach is forced by the message that has been wanted to establish in public opinion in recent times, especially after Guardiola fell humiliated (5-1 overall, 3- 0 in Anfield) against Liverpool of Jürgen Klopp. Then he went on to talk that the leagues were more difficult than the Champions and that a good coach is seen in the league tournament and not in the European. Change of 'rules' to justify the unjustifiable, not to recognize the obvious and to protect an idea that makes water.

Nevertheless, it is still seen in Zidane, first coach of Real Madrid that reaches three finals of the European Cup followed a minor coach than others. There is always some excuse to put to minimize their success . Last year, with a historic double (not of Cup and League, but of League and Champions, the one that has more value for being the two main competitions), it was attributed to luck ('flower' in the language of this trend that both discredits the successes of Zidane). To the arbitrages or to his inferiority in all the eliminatory ones, as if his rivals had been of inferior divisions.

 Zidane greets Keylor, key in the semifinal before the Bayern.

Zidane greets Keylor, key in the semifinal before the Bayern.

Real Madrid

The reality is that a calm coach, without much sign and without the approval of the 'experts', has 'eaten' Pep Guardiola, called by many as inventor of a new football. To him and to so many others, because Zidane has 'charged' each of those who crossed his path . Not a single Champions League tie lost and none was the same. Zidane won the best teams in Europe. This year the champion of France, the one of Italy and the one of Germany. The one of England it has not been able, because it already eliminated the Liverpool to him.

While the soccer message goes by a side, the reality goes by another one. Zinedine Zidane, in another Champions final. It has reached as many as it could, even more than could have been demanded. He recovered a dead team on the edge of the KO in 2016, and has him in the most idyllic situation of a football team since Bayern in the 70s. And that is to be a good coach, who transforms a team sunk into a team that the sky is too small.

 Zidane protests an action on Varane.

Zidane protests an action on Varane.





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