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The coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, questioned whether the merits of the Egyptian Mohamed Salah will make him a Gold Ball winner and also announced that the final of Champions League, against Liverpool, will be a “spectacular” game.

I do not know if it's to win the Golden Ball, but it did a great season. It will not be a Christian against Salah It will be a Real against Liverpool, “he said of the meeting scheduled for May 26 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

” The team you know, we are going to find a team that is in the final. A bit of everything, physical, technical, speed … He's English and he defends and fights, they know how to do it, there's a lot left and I'm not going to say that anymore, Salah is a great player but he's not mine, “he added. of the African.

It will be a spectacular game, open and with opportunities for both teams. The most important thing for us is to plan, face them and put them in difficulties. It is a final and it will be very intense, “Zidane finished, who then spoke about the controversies of the Spanish classic against FC Barcelona.

” It is the fault of those who talk about the controversy, it is true that sometimes it is too much to talk about. Better to stay with the football game than with the controversies. I am in favor of more football than controversy “, closed the Gaul.




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