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The Real Madrid coach, however, believes that the Brazilian would be compatible with Cristiano Ronaldo on his team.

Zinedine Zidane coach of Real Madrid said he has not asked the signing of Brazilian Neymar for the next season, admitted that if he arrives would be compatible with Cristiano Ronaldo and mentalized in the final of the Champions League, he is convinced that no rumor will decentralize to His team

“I do not know if they are discussing with Neymar, I do not think so, because what matters to us is what we are doing now,” he said, asked about the Brazilian's interest in leaving Paris Saint- Germain . “I have not asked Neymar, I do not go in. We have to finish the season well, the rest will be talked about later,” he added.

With little desire to talk about the future and trying to dodge each Neymar question, which he did recognize Zidane is that the Brazilian would be compatible at Real Madrid with Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I'm not the one to say anything today, I'm worried about what I have left. After the final, the club will speak because there will surely be changes, But now I can not talk about anything, the good ones are always compatible, I do not know, but in the field there is chemistry, when they played, they said that it was not compatible with Djorkaeff and we won the World Cup together. “

that “this is not the time to talk about Neymar”, Zidane made it clear that nothing affects his wardrobe. “We are not worried or going to disturb us, everybody talks and will not change or prevent us from preparing a final well, so I'm not worried.”

The final of the Champions League will be played on the 26th May in Kiev, between Real Madrid and Liverpool.




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