Florentino Pérez presentó a Lopetegui: Sé que tenías dos sueños perfectamente compatibles

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The coach Julen Lopetegui was introduced as the new coach of Real Madrid and in the official ceremony, the president of merengue box, Florentino Pérez, defended the operation that ended with the coach being fired from the Spanish team two days before the debut of the red team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The White House boss said that “we have an agreement in the exercise of freedom, always respecting the clauses of contract, and we thought that the quick announcement should be made to avoid rumors and honoring transparency “.

” This ceremony we wanted to carry out after the World Cup, after a new triumph of our selection , because I know you had two dreams. The first was to take Spain back to the world champion and the other, to train Real Madrid. “

” I'm sure those dreams were n totally compatible, “he added.

After that, Lopetegui himself took the floor, thanking the club for his confidence.

” Thank you, President, thank you, Real Madrid, for the trust you gave me. It is a responsibility that I assume with great pride, so we are going to give our best and fight to be up to the club's history, and hopefully improve it. “

” I feel qualified for such an adventure, and I felt since I entered the Sports City that strength that the club has. We are going to manage the great staff we have, and the idea is always to win everything, “added Lopetegui, who broke up after that.

” Yesterday was the saddest day of my life after the death of my mother , but today is the happiest, “he said through tears.




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