Mauricio Pochettino no le cierra las puertas a Real Madrid: "Que pase lo que tenga que pasar"

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Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino who appeared in the last hours as the first option to replace Zinedine Zidane in the bench of Real Madrid assured that his commitment to Tottenham “is maximum”, but that it is impossible to precede what will happen in the future and “what happens will have to happen”.

Ten days ago I renewed with Tottenham I am happy and happy that in London they are happy with me after four years “, said the trans-Andean, although he remarked, for the Madridista option, that” football has circumstances you do not expect . The important thing is to enjoy today, things that can be played, talking about assumptions does not help anyone. “

The Spurs coach was also respectful of Zidane's decision to leave the white bench:” Respect everyone the coaches, every technician, in any category, feel that loneliness of standing in front of that line of whitewash that does not allow you to express yourself naturally, “he said.

The transandean statements were the arch of the presentation ' A new world, Intimate diary of Pochettino in London ', the autobiographical book that he signs with the journalist Guillem Balagué




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