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The French center of Real Madrid Raphael Varane assured on Tuesday that the future coach of the team can not be asked to win as many titles in a short time as he did Zinedine Zidane and alerted of the pressure that is lived in the bank of the white team.

In press conference after meeting, along with the rest of the French team, with the president of his country, Emmanuel Macron , Varane confirmed that Zidane did not previously inform the players of his decision to leave the team.

“The work of Real Madrid coach is somewhat difficult, hard (…) Now we need a coach able to evolve in the context of Madrid, because it is not simple, there is a lot of pressure, hopes, “Varane said.

For the Gaul, what Zidane did is” difficult to repeat “, ] so “maybe we should not ask the new one to win so much in such a short time, but that it is able to adapt to Real Madrid, that has a character capable of supporting the challenge. “

The defender did not want to assess if Zidane would be the best coach for France, although he recalled that he keeps with him an “excellent relationship” and that thanks to him he arrived at the club in the capital of Spain with 18 years.




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