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On May 17, he accepted the presidency of the Real Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) an ex-player with a reformist discourse and with the promise of ending the corruption that had led to Ángel María Villar, chief executive for almost three decades, to prison Soto del Real.

That new air promised to the RFEF came from the hand of Luis Rubiales, former Villar dolphin and former president of the AFE. As a footballer his career was less productive than in the offices. Guadix, Mallorca B, Lleida, Xerez, Levante, Alicante and, finally, the Scottish Hamilton were their teams.

The regeneration and the illusion to recover a Federation at the level of Spanish football disappeared in less than two months. In fact, even one of them remains. Rubiales decided to throw the World Cup with the dismissal of Lopetegui just two days before the team's debut against Portugal.

The pride and pressure received to collect small revenge against Real Madrid were the reasons why he became a pyromaniac firefighter to end the illusion of an entire country. The Canary, raised in Motril and son of a PSOE politician who ended up in PodemosIt took him very little to teach his bad arts and lack of packaging for the position.

Tangier, sponsors and research

However, he would take a step further with a radio show typical of another era in which he engaged dialectically with Pepe Castro, president of Sevilla, for the election of the seat of the Supercopa of Spain and its dispute to single party. Incarnated in a Jesus Gil of the 21st century, Rubiales did not hesitate to threaten the leader of the Andalusian group with the publication of private conversations that demonstrated his version.

Extaño movement of the highest leader of the Federation, which was accused of bowing to the interests of FC Barcelona and hurt the Sevillian team. But stranger is the designation of Tangier as the site of the first title of the season. It is not Asia, where the Premier prevails in a market as attractive as competitive, nor Qatar, with the petrodollars leading a competition to promote their country. Why then that election of Morocco?

From Andalusia, according to South Channel, shoot with bullet and point to the Tangier Med project to understand the decision. This port is the main rival of the one of Algeciras for the control of entrance to the Mediterranean. He was also one of the promoters of the Moroccan candidacy to organize the World Cup, supported both by Rubiales himself and by the Federation.

The relation to three bands, for what is published in said Andalusian media, ends in the Football Club Barcelona and, especially, in its president. Josep María Bartomeu is also the CEO of ADELTE Group, company in charge of constructing the boarding bridges for said port. The Supercopa in Tangier is a controversy as unnecessary as it is strange and in which only Rubiales himself knows what benefit it takes, also angering the Sevilla fans, who have already promised a boycott.

After the 'Lopetegui case' and the Supercopa, the flight of Cruzcampo as sponsor was added to the 'palmares' of the new president of the RFEF. Now, as published by EL ESPAÑOL, Movistar joins that diaspora of brands that stop supporting the Federation after the scandals.

To make matters worse, only 67 days after his arrival in power, the court number 6 of Valencia has opened an investigation for clarify if Rubiales paid a reform of his house with money from the players. The complaint, presented by the president of the National Training Center for Football Coaches Miguel Galán, says that he awarded the project of the Casa de Futbolista to the same architect who reformed his home and diverted part of the bills for his private debt.

Galán has been the author of this complaint that puts in check a Rubiales to which problems accumulate at the speed of sound. The then president of the AFE he claims not to have committed any “irregularity” and that he has “no debt”. Her defense is also based on the fact that the architect “is denounced by several causes” and that she has acted since the revenge.

Always according to the text of the complaint, Rubiales contracted a debt of more than 120,000 euros with the architect who reformed his house, Yasmina Eid-Mached. The next day 12, and as first diligence, said person must go to the court of Valencia to corroborate or deny these facts.

The nine and a half weeks of Rubiales in the position definitively extinguish the flame of regeneration and wave his armchair waiting for the next imbroglio. At the moment, and it is not little, it accumulates a great sport failure, an open war against two of the most important clubs of Spain, a constant loss of sponsors and an open investigation by a presumed crime of unfair administration. The scandals close and threaten turn Rubiales into Luis'The Brief'.




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