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The summer market always leaves some surprises. This year's will go down especially in history, since it will be remembered as the period in which Cristiano Ronaldo left the Real Madrid after more than nine years in the white club. A period in which he managed to become the maximum director of all his history.

The Portuguese player is in the mouth of all football fans. The last to speak of his figure has been a mythical player of the NBA, How is it Steve Nash. The one that was the base of the Phoenix Suns has always been related to the world of football, becoming linked with the governing body of the Majorca two years ago.

Opinion on Cristiano

The base wrote an article for Bleacher Report in which he compared the Luso with the most mediatic ex-player of all the history of the North American league: Michael Jordan. For the Canadian, the exmadridista “learned to win” just like the American did. He also said that what he admires most in him is that he is a great athlete, not only in the field, but in the way he prepares himself. “

Cristiano, in the concentration of Portugal. Photo Twitter (@Cristiano)

He also wanted to emphasize how the training and preparation of the soccer player is with the aim of always being the best and continuing to improve day by day. On this, he considered that the Madeira “He never gives up, when he fails, he gets up, he learns, he succeeds and he forms a strong image, he does not want to be the best player but to be in the best shape.”

Rivalry with Messi

Finally he referred to the tremendous rivalry he has had with the Argentine throughout his career. The former of the Suns considers Messi as his “favorite footballer and the best ever” but added that “especially last year Ronaldo's greatness was unattainable, even for '10'”.




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