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The Colombian James Rodriguez must pay a fine of 11.65 million euros for tax fraud in Spain, as revealed by the medium of that country The world.

According to the publication the Tax Agency attributed that the sum of the defrauded amounted to 6.35 million of the currency of the European Union for the taxation of their image rights when he was in Real Madrid.

Although from the Treasury ruled out that there is a fiscal offense, yes they consider that the amount will amount to 11.65 million and is one of the most important fixed to a footballer in the Spanish league.

“The problem for James Rodríguez, given by the white club to the German champion, Bayern Munich, lies in the year 2014, when he signed for Real Madrid from AS Monaco.The Colombian was signed for about 80 million euros during the month of July , after having achieved the Golden Boot in the World Cup in Brazil, “says the publication.

The player declared the income of 2014 as “non-resident in Spain“, so it was investigated by the Treasury, the Tax Agency considered that the economic activity of that year was carried out in the country, so it should be taxed as if it lived there.

“The residence is fixed by law, either for the stay for 183 days or because the economic center was based in Spain.” Because of this technical interpretation, James is now with which he is forced to declare three million euros of salary of Monaco in Spain corresponding to 2014 for those who had not had to pay taxes in the Principality “.




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