Theo Hernández and NZonzi

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Lopetegui will have during the next weeks the mission of deciding the future of several of the young talents with whom he has at his command these first weeks. With some it has already decided its continuity, as Vallejo or Ceballos and others have a foot and a half outside, like Foreman.

However, the case of The O has generated some debate in Real Madrid. In the club they still rely on the French for which their clause was paid Atlético de Madrid but an exit in the form of assignment or sale with purchase option is valued:

In favor of your departure

Do not slow down your progression: After a season where he did not have all the minutes that he expected on his arrival, Theo must secure enough opportunities this year to keep growing. With 20 years, he can not stop his progression and it is important that he recover the extraordinary level shown in the Alavés who fell in love at the offices of Santiago Bernabeu.

Free you from the pressure: The signing of Theo was mediated by supposing the first operation that broke the non-aggression pact between Real Madrid and Atlético, in force for several years. Real Madrid expected a lot from him in his first year but things did not go as expected. He Santiago Bernabeu He ended up getting tired and paid with him on more than one occasion. Playing away from the white coliseum can be a good opportunity to regain confidence.

The examples of Carvajal and Casemiro: Leaving Madrid does not mean that the doors are closed for a future. There are the cases of Carvajal Y Casemiro who left a year yielded to Leverkusen Y Port, respectively, and returned to earn a starting spot on the team.

Against your departure

Another spare for Marcelo: Theo arrived at Madrid with the label of future heir of Marcelo. His departure would leave this season an important gap on the left side that would leave the Brazilian in that position alone. One option would be to sign a replacement – it has already sounded Alex Telles– or bet on those who are and trust Nacho. This can be a risk and revive the extreme situation that was experienced two seasons ago.

The case of Mayoral in Wolfsburg: Although the assignments of Carvajal and Casemiro went more than well, Foreman lived the flip side of the coin in the Wolfsburg. The young forward spent a year almost blank in Germany which cut his projection after a fantastic season in the Castile. Theo, with the same profile – young and in search of minutes – could face the same fate if fate is not chosen well. Juventus Y Real society They already sound like candidates.

Lopetegui and the young people: The arrival of Julen Lopetegui to the bench has been a breath of fresh air for young white talents. More so for the Plan B from Zidane of last season that with the French had, mostly, a foot off. The Basque coach is betting on the youngest and working at his command would be a huge opportunity for Theo to grow up by his side.




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