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Mateo Kovacic wants to leave Real Madrid. That was his request during the World Cup of Russia. Without having met Lopetegui, and still not knowing how the squad was going to plan, the young Croatian decided to launch a medago to the Merengue entity.

After the selection competition, Kovacic continues on vacation without pronouncing about his words. He does not show any concern in the photographs shared on social networks and is still waiting to solve his future in the Spanish capital.

However, what is a reality is that he has plenty of reasons to stay at Real Madrid. This is what they are trying to do in the club during the last weeks. The statements of some players as the gestures of the rest of the team components are some of the examples.

Kovacic and Modric with Croatia


Successor of Modric

Kovacic follows Modric both in Real Madrid and in the national team. They are companions and friends. In fact, the 24-year-old is a self-confessed admirer of the Zadar star. Taking into account the similarities that both share when playing, as well as the closeness with which they are working these last seasons, Kovacic is the perfect successor of Modric.

The actual Golden Ball The World Cup is fundamental in Real Madrid and maintains the same role in their national team, where they also wear the captain's armband. However, his 32 years do not predict a much longer career at the highest level. Real Madrid will notice his absence when it arrives and the presence of Kovacic in the team would be essential to avoid problems.

Secured titles

If anything, Real Madrid are trophies in their showcases. So much so that after winning The Thirteenth, it was necessary to reform the room in which the Champions of the merengue club. It is the main reason why the entity was named Best Club of the 20th Century and also for the one that chooses to repeat in this new era.

Kovacic, together with Marco Asensio, in a Real Madrid match

Kovacic, together with Marco Asensio, in a Real Madrid match


The three consecutive Championships are the faithful reflection of a constant success. Madrid looks for that and, what seems impossible for many, in the merengue box it becomes a feasible goal. Kovacic, in the three seasons that takes in the capital, accumulates three Champions, two European Super Cups, two Club World Cups, a League and one Spain Supercup.

Club and Lopetegui confidence

Real Madrid does not want him to leave. It was a firm bet and its transfer, by many critics, over time has turned out to be a great success. Therefore, in the capital are not willing to let go of one of the great talents of the current football landscape.

Equally, that importance for Madrid is shared by Lopetegui. The new Basque coach has a style of touch game in which the midfielders are the main axis to reach the opposite goal. Kovacic has speed, touch, quality at the time of the pass and also with options to achieve one or the other. With the Merengue squad defending its continuity, the support of Lopetegui it increases even more the firmness of the whole of Madrid.

Fit in the project

The 24 years of Kovacic make him one of the references in the present and future project that Real Madrid is trying to organize. To the Asensio, Ceballos Y The O previously joined Kovacic.

His profile is perfect for Real Madrid. To the youth, their quality is added, but above all, their personality. Beyond his latest statements asking for more minutes, Kovacic has kept out of any kind of controversy. He has always fulfilled that he has been asked and with the support of all the fans.

Kovacic and Dalic, Croatian coach

Kovacic and Dalic, Croatian coach


Catapult to the Croatian national team

Real Madrid is the perfect springboard to finish in the respective national teams. Up to 15 players, including Kovacic, went to the World Cup in Russia to give the merengue team as much representation as possible.

This is one of the questions that led the Croatian to ask for his departure. He wants to continue going with his selection but also increasing his relevance. Being substitute in Madrid, however, does not conflict with the option of being called. Examples like Lucas Vázquez or Nacho, which have served as revulsives, are what the midfielder must follow in order to achieve his goal of success with Croatia. And he can do it from Madrid.




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