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Sergio Ramos (32 years old) and Pilar Rubio (40) have sealed their commitment to a spectacular partnership that they happily exhibited on Tuesday through their social networks. With his brother René and a series of friends like hooks, the football player prepared a presumably 'casual' dinner to finally surprise the mother of her three children in a movie-like scene, with the Retiro Park in Madrid in the background.

I love you forever“he wrote Ramos after the “yes” of blond. And maybe Pillar be the only woman to stay by her side forever but at 32 years old there are many famous brides that the captain of the Spanish National Soccer Team has in his arsenal of conquests. Next, the best known.

1. Blanca Romero

From the horns to the balls“, titled a famous specialist magazine when Blanca Romero (42) divorced from Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez (41) and started a relationship with the Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos.

The truth is that it was not imminent. Blanca and Cayetano they got married in 2001 in Asturias; and they divorced in early 2004. In the meantime, The dog (artistic name of the also actress) began a brief but intense romance with Miguel Campello, 'The bug'.

2. Elisabeth Reyes

Sergio Ramos and Elisabeth Reyes.

Sergio Ramos and Elisabeth Reyes.


It is not the ex-girlfriend of Sergio Ramos although in reality it is. Elisabeth Reyes (33) was crowned as the most beautiful woman in Spain in 2006. Soon after, she began her first great love story with that of Camas, with whom she ended up breaking in February 2008. In the words of the model for the magazine HELLO!.

We have been overwhelmed. We may have maintained a relationship too intense in such a short period of time. For wanting to live everything very quickly, we have spent a lot of time together and that is not too good, especially in two young people like Sergio and me. Ideally, we would have made more life separately, but that was not the case. When we finished our respective jobs, we were always together.

3. Nani Gaitán

Nani Gaitán

And there was not much mourning time between when his story closed Elisabeth and started a new one. The aforementioned publication unveiled the relationship between a very young Sergio Ramos, only 22 years old, and Nani Gaitán (42), ten years older him.

The Cordovan occupied most of the time on television sets at the time. Not only did he collaborate in the program, Martian Chronicles but also made his first steps as a 'professional' dancer in the sixth edition of Look who is dancing! of Spanish Television.

4. Amaia Salamanca

Amaia Salamanca and Sergio Ramos.

Amaia Salamanca and Sergio Ramos.


In that same year 2008, Amaia Salamanca (32) became the woman of the moment after starring in one of the most successful series in the history of Telecinco, No boobs there is no paradise. At the beginning of 2009, the affaire that the sweet and candid 'Cata' kept with the Sevillian.

Four months later, the press echoed a rupture caused by Ramos himself since “he did not want to be tied to a serious relationship”. The interpreter sought to settle down and start a family, something that was achieved shortly after with the businessman Rosauro Varo (39), with whom he has been for almost ten years and with whom he has three children in common: Olivia (4), Nacho (3) and Matthew (2).

5. Lara Álvarez

Sergio Ramos and Lara Álvarez.

Sergio Ramos and Lara Álvarez.


In 2010, a very important year for the Spanish National Team for the victory of the World Cup in South Africa, Sergio Ramos, one of the key pieces of that triumph, began to go out with the journalist Lara Álvarez (32)

Their relationship was born in a charitable act when Lara, being a reporter for LaSexta, she asked for a shirt from Real Madrid. A “stormy” relationship according to their relatives and that culminated in 2012 with the definitive appearance of Pilar Rubio, another reporter born in the 'quarry' of LaSexta, and with whom this week has been committed “forever.”

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