Vinícius, in a training session with Real Madrid.

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In football everything progresses with a rapidity that this sport, as we understood it for example 20 years ago, has changed. Now any player can be seen at the moment, live or delayed and analyze their progress step by step. That is the case of Vinícius Júnior (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2000), new signing of Real Madrid, which this Friday will be presented at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

The Brazilian, one of those promises that amaze with his game, was really tied by the white club one year ago, before the summer of 2017, in a movement with which Real Madrid, after paying some 40 million euros, was assured player of the future, which now has the challenge of demonstrating its level in European football, so different from the South American one.

Formed in Flamengo, where he started defense, there he was until the jump in this month of July to Real Madrid, since the white club preferred to bring him when he turned 18 for not breaking the FIFA regulations. Vinícius has started training since last Monday without knowing if it will be this year in the first team, if they will go down to Castilla (something unlikely or maybe an error) or if they will finally give way, repeating a formula that has been made with several players who are now successful (Lucas Vázquez, Asensio, Carvajal …).

Vinícius, in a training session with Real Madrid.

Virtuoso, 'jugón', dribbler, scorer and electric, to Vinícius Júnior the best qualifier that can be put is that of Brazilian. It is from birth, but also at the football level. And in this sport, when one says that one is Brazilian, one already understands how one plays if one is offensive footballer: cheerful, dribbling, dangerous and with a goal. This is how this young new Madridista signing is.

Like many footballers, his beginnings were far from being a path of roses, Unlike. Vinícius grew up in a dangerous neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, with high crime rates, living in a family home with two children, his parents and grandmother. There he went tanning a footballer who was advancing his position in the field and to train, from the age of 10, I had to travel 70 kilometers a day.

Leading the new batch of talented youngsters, Vinicius takes the Real Madrid shirt with very high expectations. In the training that takes so far, has already left some sign of quality, some heels to shine and Valdebebas.

The player of the new era

Whether you stay in the first team or if you leave on loan, Vinícius is the soccer player of the future, called to lead the new era of Real Madrid. So says his career so far and this signing millionaire by Real Madrid, who tied him so early to avoid a new Neymar case and another team arrived, he signed and ended up becoming a new star.

Vinícius, in the medical examination with Real Madrid.

Vinícius, in the medical examination with Real Madrid.

Although the 21st century begins on January 1, 2001 and he was born on July 12, 2000, Vinícius is a player of the new century. And is one of the first to break out and appear in Real Madrid, something that you have to get used to, because the passage of time is so fast that there are already players who did not know even the peseta.

In it he had a lot to do Juni Calafat, head of the international football department of Real Madrid, which is the leader of a network of scouts for America and Europe and the one in charge of attracting new talent such as Vinícius.

Although it has the air of Neymar, with a physical resemblance in body, in Brazil it is placed more like the 'new Ronaldinho', although these qualifiers have been used many times without success. Vinícius Júnior is young, he has a lot of talent, but those innate qualities you should mix with a good head, the adaptation to European football and the tranquility as a basis to build your career.




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