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Real Madrid opens in the 2018/2019 League. An exciting season for whites with many challenges ahead, including the difficult task of forgetting Cristiano Ronaldo, something that will be borne by Bale, Benzema and Asensio – the 'BBA' -. He Getafe is the first team rival of Julen Lopetegui, which is presented in society and in official party in the Santiago Bernabeu with your new project.

The Madrid feud will witness the official start of the Real Madrid competition Julen Lopetegui, but also you can also watch one of the most anticipated releases. Thibaut Courtois has been the big news in the Basque coach's list for the match against Getafe. After staying out of the squad against Atlético de Madrid for the last European Super Cup, the Belgian could debut in what is already his home.

In addition, the fans of Real Madrid burn with desire to see Courtois defending the goal of Santiago Bernabeu. The poster of the Belgian is unparalleled, is one of the best in the world and arouses great expectation as it could not be otherwise. The game against Getafe may be the day in which the Belgian international could see his dream fulfilled.

Courtois in his first training with Real Madrid

Ready after the mini-season

Thibaut Courtois signed for Real Madrid last August 8 and was presented the next day. He finished his participation in the world on July 14, after playing the third and fourth place against England. Therefore, the goalkeeper has not completed any training until his landing in the capital of Spain. His fitness was not optimal to play a game as important as the European Super Cup, but already wants to get down to work and put Madrid in your pocket with their stops.

It is the first time that Courtois enters a Julen Lopetegui squad, if we do not count the massive list of 30 players for the Santiago Bernabéu Trophy. But you're ready to present battle to a Keylor who has already hesitated in the European Supercup and it is not the time for hesitation. The Basque needs the two goals at the highest level, feeding back and generating a competition in which the main beneficiary is the merengue team.

Keylor Navas gives orders to his teammates of Real Madrid

Keylor Navas gives orders to his teammates of Real Madrid


The eternal battle with Keylor

It is predicted a season full of debates, since the Real Madrid has the best goal in the world and with which any squad would dream. At the moment, Courtois has been unpublished and could put the first stone for its ownership in the league derby against Getafe. This is the great doubt for the eleven that can present Julen Lopetegui in his debut as a Real Madrid coach in the regularity tournament.

Keylor Navas, who has shown throughout the summer that he is not willing to give up, did not take advantage of the opportunity he was granted last Wednesday against Atlético de Madrid. Diego Costa shot the Costa Rican goal, but he did it for his stick and in a position where he could get anything but that. Five shots and four goals, that was the balance of the tico in the European derby.

Courtois in his first training with Real Madrid

Courtois in his first training with Real Madrid

Meanwhile, Thibaut Courtois He was in the stands of the Tallinn stadium, watching every movement of his main competitor for the goal. At the moment no one knows the plans of Julen Lopetegui with the two goalkeepers. However, he has stated that he is delighted because he considers it a real advantage for the team, and not a problem as many want to see. Luck is set for both and the battle can give the official starting signal in the Santiago Bernabeu.




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