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The new stage of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Juventus of Turin is a reality. The Portuguese star has already been able to play his first minutes in his new team, in a game against the subsidiary, where he could score his first goal. Awaits to see him dressed in shorts in the first official match of the season, Axel Torres has been asked in The spar for how he believes that this new stage in the career of the Portuguese will be developed.

Cristiano has been a player who has always been characterized by his physical potential, his overflowing by the bands and his speed, besides to mark a great number of goals. In recent years in the Real Madrid, has adopted a role more than center forward, because it has lost much of those physical qualities. However, Axel assures that “he can continue to harvest the same scoring charts, why not?”

On the change of competition, the journalist has also stated that “Ronaldo will notice the difference that the A series is of a lower level than The league“And the fact is that Luso has decided to start a new cycle in Italy, where he is already settled in the ranks of Juve, and hopes to continue to perform at the same level regardless of the category of the competition.

Cristiano Ronaldo, during a match with Juventus


Cristiano continues to provoke madness among the fans of his new club, since they have been able to see how what seemed a priori impossible, has become a reality. As he said in his presentation, his main objective is to continue enlarging his figure as a footballer and get many more titles at collective and individual level.

The squad and the coaching staff have not hesitated to give him the warm welcome he deserved, and the Serie A will start with all the lights placed in the Juventus of Turin Massimiliano Allegri and, above all, in the debut of his new star, who will wear the '7' on his back, and from which they expect all the best.




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