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Lucy Bronze (LYON – Manchester City 1-0) UEFA Women's Champions League Semifinals, 04/29/18

“A superbly executed volley”.

Olga Carmona (Switzerland – SPAIN 0-2) Group stage of the UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship, 07/21/18

“Carmona still had work for when he cut in with his left foot before getting a tight shot to the right wing.”

Elisandro (Sporting CP – INTER FS 2-5) Final of the Futsal UEFA Cup, 04/22/18

“Shot with power and precision with the left foot”.

Elliot Embleton (Turkey – ENGLAND 2-3) Group stage of the UEFA European Under-19 Championship, 07/17/18

“Very good play from left to right followed by a great individual action and an excellent definition with the left foot”.

Christian Eriksen (Republic of Ireland – DENMARK 1-5) Play-offs of the European Qualifiers, 11/14/17

“A powerful and tight finish after a quick counterattack”.

Paulo Estrela (OPORTO – Beşiktaş 5 -1) Group stage of the UEFA Youth League, 09/13/17

The UEFA Technical Observers say: A goal after a brilliant pass that showed excellent vision and intention.

Eva Navarro (Germany – SPAIN 0-2) Final of the UEFA European Women's Under-17 Championship, 05/21/18

“Nice definition with a thread after an agile set of feet to overcome the defenses”.

Dimitri Payet (MARSELLA – Leipzig 5-2) Quarterfinals of the UEFA Europa League, 04/12/18

“An exceptional dribble and a shot with the outside of the foot in a key moment of the tie.”

Gonçalo Ramos (Slovenia – PORTUGAL 0-4) Group stage of the UEFA European Under-17 Championship, 05/07/18

The UEFA Technical Observers say: An intelligent completion after a quick counter of the team.

Ricardinho (PORTUGAL – Romania 4-1) UEFA European Futsal Championship Group Stage, 01/31/18

“An excellent twist to a touch and a better finish of rabona”.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus – REAL MADRID 0-3) Quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League, 04/03/18

“An extraordinary display of technique and physical power”.




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