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Edu Aguirre has been one of the defenders of the arrival of Mariano to the Real Madrid. The forward will return to the capital of Spain after having triumphed in France, where he became the revelation player by scoring 21 goals and distributing seven assists during his first year with the team's shirt. Lyon.

In reference to this, the tertulian wanted to make clear that the signing does not correspond to that of a galactic, but that serves to create illusion in the environment: “It is not Neymar or Mbappé, but he deludes a lot more than he seems. “To defend this argument, he admitted that despite not having” many opportunities “whenever he has been on the pitch” he has raised the stadium. “” He has a race, has character and has a goal. “he added.

In his only season as a Madridista, the forward scored five goals and gave two assists. Very promising figures if one takes into account that he was not a starter and only entered the field in the last minutes. As a stellar performance, a triplet in front of the Cultural Leonesa which served to see his goal-scoring instinct in the white fiefdom.

Changing the subject, he was upset with the great amount of criticism that the Concha Espina team receives whatever they do: “As a Madridista, I'm tired of Madrid always turning the other cheek, I'm tired of the fax being broken in the last second, tired of having a gentleman's agreement because Athletic hates Madrid or that the Valencia Say that all your players can go to another team that is not ours. ”

Lopetegui, crucial

The Basque coach has been crucial for Mariano to return. He called the player in order to convince him. For this, he assured him that he will have a relevant role, with minutes and prominence in important matches. A return that, if you follow the same steps as with other players in the squad, will make the Real Madrid happy.

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