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He Real Madrid will search in Tallinn the first title of the season. On the occasion of the European Super Cup, whites face an exciting start to the season. The rival, the Atlético de Madrid of the 'Cholo' Simeone that up with sensations displayed during the summer different from those transmitted by the team of Julen Lopetegui.

The whites face the appointment with the moral through the clouds after demonstrating that, even with the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo, the team has not lost the goal scoring sensation. In Estonia will be protagonists many of the names that during the last years have covered the onces of the team in practically all the lineups.

Two players stand out above the others. Sergio Ramos Y Dani Carvajal. Both defenders have become, almost without wanting it, since 2014, in the true guarantors of success for the merengue team in the European Super Cup. Your participation during the editions of that year, in addition to those of 2016 and 2017, is counted by all of the minutes of game played, that is, 300.

Sergio Ramos at the moment in which he scores his goal against Sevilla.


Both players debuted in 2014 before the Seville in Cardiff. Precisely, the Welsh city was going to be protagonist and essential for the last assault of Madrid to the Supercup once again. Two years later, in Trondheim, both repeated ownership and with an essential decision-making role.

After getting ahead Sevilla to the goal with which Marco Asensio was' christened 'as Real Madrid in Europe, Sergio Ramos forced in 93' an extension in which the Seville team was going to notice the lack of strength. Carvajal, as if it were an extreme, went into the Sevilla area to score the winning goal in 119 'and provide a new Super Cup.

A for the particular 'fourth'

The last appearance, during the start of last season, in Skopje. Both defenders once again had the confidence of Zinedine Zidane at that time and aupar the white team to chain two consecutive European turns. Now, in Tallinn, both will presumably go back from the start with Lopetegui, and fight with Atlético de Madrid for a new trophy that supposes the permanence of white hegemony in Europe.




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