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The image of the meeting maintained by the captains of the First division Spanish has starred Sergio Ramos. The camero appeared dressed in a very peculiar way, which soon attracted the attention of the rest of the players and to dedicate a few words around it.

Once again, the '4' merengue has proven to have the gift of surprising the rest. His clothes resembled a look like Miami Vice, that left the rest open-mouthed and caused an ironic smile in more than one. Ramos did not go unnoticed by anyone, and had conversations with each other.

In the image in which all the players appear together, the one that stands out for the way of dressing is Sergio Ramos. While the rest were in an arranged way, with jeans and a shirt or polo shirt, the color and style of the Madrid captain stood out above anyone.

Sergio Ramos during the act of the AFE

It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that Ramos manages to draw attention to his followers in terms of their image is concerned. She already did it by cutting her long hair to wear her current look, and by dying completely blonde, which gave rise to a large number of humorous comments from users of social networks.

Regarding that, there were many memes and comparisons that were made about the yellow color of Sergio's hair. However, he soon decided to return to his normal color, and since then he has been seen wearing it in different ways: more or less short, combed in one way or another.

The last one starring the defense of Real Madrid It has been to show off that peculiar shirt. in a meeting with the rest of captains of the highest category of Spanish football. Undoubtedly, all the lights have been monopolized again by his image, without going unnoticed by any spectator.




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