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The former Brazilian striker Ronaldo Nazario considered “equal of favorite to Real Madrid” to return to gain the League of Champions, after conquering four of the last five, and He said he understood the decision to leave Cristiano Ronaldo to whom “Real Madrid has to be very grateful”.

“I see Real Madrid as a favorite with a less important player, it's a team with a lot of tradition especially in this competition that knows how to play very well, for me, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two favorites, the English have strengthened a lot and Atlético has achieved an incredible level, they have to be very happy for what they have done, “he said.

In a meeting with the media in Monaco, the former player of Barcelona and Real Madrid, among others, wished Cristiano Ronaldo luck and said he understood “perfectly” the Portuguese. “I wanted to change some air and after what Real Madrid has done, I will be very grateful,” he said.

“A football team is not just a player, there must always be people to score goals in a team,” he responded to the question of whether he sees the Welshman Gareth Bale with options to occupy the space left by the Portuguese.

Ronaldo acknowledged that “like all Real Madrid” was “cold” when he learned that Zidane would not continue on the bench, although we must “accept.” “Once he has won three Champions he wants to look for other goals,” he said.




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