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The president of Sevilla, Pepe Castro, cleared doubts and confirmed that Mariano will sign for Real Madrid. The former merengue squad, after leaving a season at Lyon, will return to what has been his home in recent years. Although the leader of the Sevilla first pointed out that they did not have to “ask anything to Madrid about this”, then sentenced: “He has informed us that he will exercise his right of first refusal”.

According to Castro, Sevilla “is an ambitious club that tries to make ambitious acquisitions”. However, “Madrid had a trial option” and they have been told that they were going to exercise it. His last glimpse to dream of signing Mariano is that the player has not spoken. “Nor he has told us and we are waiting for him to answer because he has told us a thousand times that he wanted to play in Sevilla, “he explained.

Pepe Castro in the act. Photo: sevillafc.es

Castro's attitude showed some anger at losing the opportunity to sign a top-level striker. But he emphasizes that “Sevilla has acted as it has to act”. He reveals that they had “reached an agreement with the French club” and that the player told them “he would only play in Sevilla”. Something that clashes with the words of Mariano a few days ago declaring to Madrid.

For the highest leader of Seville, “the reality is that football is football.” “They have a score and they have exercised it, we do not have to ask Madrid at all because it is Lyon who should have done it,” he said. “Nothing happens, we continue, I do not get angry with anyone, it's football, I'm not worried,” he tried to console himself.

Mayoral and his options

Borja Mayoral is one of the possible outlets that can be produced at Real Madrid after the arrival of Mariano. The canterano Merengue needs minutes and in the entity they think that the best thing is to find a way for him to keep growing. His level is undoubted but he needs to keep progressing.

Sevilla, on this option, highlights that “it is one of the many players” that have “tried”, “but there is nothing to be happy about”. Castro reassures his fans because “no doubt another striker is coming”.




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