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He Madrid is in a position to overcome the march of the best player in its contemporary history by prolonging its hegemony in Europe and / or conquering the Spanish championship. You can do this by incorporating the trainer's DNA bias into a trainer's DNA that deserves all the confidence, but for that you must fulfill two requirements: the first is incorporated in the statement and consists of trusting Lopetegui. The second is a consequence of the first and consists not only in letting him do but in giving him what he asks for, namely, one or two signings (singularly in the lead) before the market closes.

In Girona, after shaking Madrid half an hour of harassment and demolition that every modest team has the power to oppose, it was almost the best version of the attack triplet BenzemaBaleAsensio (great all three), but this should not hide the shortage of troops in the vanguard. The one that finally confirmed the impossibility of hiring a big star – the feeling is that the club waits for this confirmation before operating, which has its logic – should encourage the option of a plan B guarantees even more modest, since that Madrid's attack zone suffers a deficit that is more of quantity than quality.

Therefore, and if finally a shot is not put Mbappé, it would be good to have an opportunist of which there are hundreds (and not all at crazy prices), someone capable of pushing the countless chances that Madrid will create with a good three-quarter court forward. Yesterday a Twitter friend told me that it is difficult to imagine a Madrid champion without a clear contender to the top scorer. You can do it if you are lucky with the injuries, but that is not expected, unfortunately. That hypothetical candidate for the top scorer could be, say, any epigone of the Crazy Abreu. They will surround you Isco, Asensio, Kroos, Benzema, Bale. You will not need much more. While Foreman break in Van Basten, that everything can be, that profile of experienced cazagoles, that is not a technical prodigy or lack that does to him, would do much good to the staff.

Julen Lopetegui, giving orders to his players


Lopetegui knows this and claims it, to such an extent that only in the context of that pulse is it understood to play the letter of Vinicius to the Castile. It does not seem like a move that Lopetegui is going to make once the market has been closed, nor a move unrelated to sending a message to the top. You have to have personality to work with who you are, so far, the great signing of summer, and that personality-the same that is needed to rest Modric or keep betting on Keylor until Courtois it is integrated that is what makes a coach good for a great team. That courage, in combination with his undoubted strategic and motivational aptitude, is what Real Madrid should trust in Lopetegui.




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