The Alavés makes the corridor to FC Barcelona

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The group that leads Marcelino García Toral Yes, he fulfilled this Monday, August 20, with the tradition of making the hallway to the winner of the European Super Cup 2018, he Atlético de Madrid, after beating the Real Madrid 2 to 4 in the capital of Estonia. The eleven players of the Valencia chosen by his coach went out to the field together with the refereeing body to have the courtesy with his first opponent of The league.

For its part, the Alavés He also had consideration with the winner of the Spain Supercup, even though he did not play the competition, and wanted to have that detail with the team that leads Ernesto Valverde this past Saturday when both teams faced each other in their first match in the domestic competition this season in the Camp Nou.

In this way, the Barcelona was once again portrayed within the field, since in the Day 17 last season he refused to carry out said recognition after the Concha Espina team took over the Club World 2017.

The Catalans alleged that they were not going to be executed because they did not compete in that competition, but in 2006 they did Seville by winning the UEFA Cup. This reaffirms that there are teams that have elegance, like the Basque painting, and do not deny a tradition that has been doing for many years.

The Alavés makes the corridor to FC Barcelona

The 'sportiness' of Barcelona

Those of the Ciudad Condal boast of the valors with what the Blaugrana team has, but it seems that the term sportsmanship is not inside them, and so they continue to glimpse on the lawn. After they opposed to form in two rows so that Madrid will pass as the champion that showed, has shown and continues to prove there had been no problem in perpetuating the custom.

A total of three corridors are those that both clubs have dedicated. The first one was the one in 1988 when the merengue team won its third consecutive League. Then the whites would return it after winning the same tournament in the 1990/1991 academic year. The last one was ten years ago in the Santiago Bernabeu, time in which it seems that the Blaugranas knew what it was to have principles.




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