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The preseason of the Real Madrid It has had a name of its own. Vinicius arrived with a lot of pressure and has managed to overcome all types of walls and conditions to convince Real Madrid. The friendlies during the tour of U.S they reached their peak in the Santiago Bernabeu.

And is that the Brazilian striker is one of the great bets of the merengue club in recent years. A young signing but with high economic figures that increased the pressure on the player. In addition, this criticism does nothing but increase if the team that is involved is Real Madrid.

But none of that has had consequences. After the preseason of the team of Lopetegui, Vinicius has approved with a note and faces a year full of challenges. He has enough examples in the team to keep evolving and will have to adapt to the young plan that the entity has imposed in recent seasons. He is a different player.

Vinicius, during the match against Roma.


His role in the preseason

Vinicius has counted in all the matches that Real Madrid has played so far. He has not scored a goal nor has he given any assistance to frame. But, despite this, he has left his mark on the pitch whenever he has counted on minutes.

The debut was the most expected and he did as a starter. Great technical details before the Manchester United and first step forward at Real Madrid. Since then, his way to have presence in the field has been through the bench. Vinicius has no place in the usual starting lineup of the box Lopetegui, but it can enter the rotation as a revulsive. That role that seems to develop is the one he has had in friendlies.

Both before the Juventus as against the Rome and in the Santiago Bernabéu against Milan, Vinicius jumped to the turf from the bench and with the aim of unbalancing. A function to which you can adapt perfectly.

Marco Asensio shoots on goal in front of Roma

Marco Asensio shoots on goal in front of Roma


The examples to follow

The role of secondary is something that the youngest have to face, either in Real Madrid or in any other first level team. But that does not mean that the door of success has been closed. The examples that can be seen in the current first team are Asensio Y Lucas Vázquez.

Both were part of Plan B that he established Zidane in the team. That squad that was vital for both the double and the last Champions harvested last season. They left the bench to change the matches and ended up as the two players who played the most games and who entered the field the most times.

However, there has been some evolution since they arrived at Real Madrid. They went from being mere substitutes to an option that saved the team. This last year was the final step. The Champions, the favorite scenario, had some titles of the two Real Madrid players. Key was the meeting before the PSG where they both conquered Paris.

Vinicius celebrating a goal with Asensio

Vinicius celebrating a goal with Asensio

The key personality of Vinicius

It was one of the things he liked the most when he was signed up. Without getting into trouble, without making controversial statements and without asking one thing or another to Real Madrid and the Flamengo. He said goodbye between tears of the Brazilian team but that face has changed for a constant smile in Madrid practice.

He has integrated and knows what his role will be. To leave from the bench to revolutionize the matches. Something that like him will have to do the less usual. Vinicius fits into that style of player and will not put problems to enter the rotation that way.

The European Super Cup It could be the first scenario in which to make theirs official and, for now, has shown to be prepared for that possibility.




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