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The output of Cristiano Ronaldo of the Real Madrid continues to be the focus of debate in numerous media and television talk shows. It is the case of The beach bar, where Paco García Caridad He has dedicated a few words to the Portuguese star, considering that “his focus was so powerful that it eclipsed the talent of many players who are very good”.

Despite this, Caridad also wanted to highlight that “many players try to take responsibility, and it remains to be seen if without it they will be able to do so, if they will be constant all season.” And it has made it clear that the loss of a player who registered 50 goals per season, has to make a dent in the team.

On the other hand, he continued adding that “it also remains to be seen if they will be able to put out the impressive focus of the long shadow of Cristiano Ronaldo, it is difficult and must be seen in the course of time”. However, the whites have set a great start of the year, adding three consecutive victories.

In addition, another of his points to analyze has been to say that “the template that Real Madrid has now is outstanding, but with Christian was enrollment.” He also made it clear that “the Luso resolved many things that are yet to be seen if the current ones are going to be able to assume all that responsibility”.

Finally, he also questioned the possibility that the set of Concha Espina he managed to take the league title, something he said he could “get” but it was raised as a very questionable aspect, because the championship has just started and we have to watch the shooting of the team.

In this way, Real Madrid is presented as a serious candidate to win all the trophies, although the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo is a significant down by the scoring records that added. However, the team has managed to overcome the circumstance and maintains a style of play that up to now is working perfectly.

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