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The output of Cristiano Ronaldo of the Real Madrid course to Juventus It raised a great stir. Everyone has an opinion on this matter, and many professionals from the world of football have spoken, and continue to do so, on the subject. The last one to do it has been Andoni Goikoetxea, who has made it clear that he is not a big fan of Portuguese.

The Basque, in an interview BRAND Radio, has been asked about the team's match Julen Lopetegui against him Athletic Bilbao of this Saturday. “These parties always have tension,” the former footballer began. However, his comment has taken a turn to point to the Portuguese player, who has not left in very place.

“Now Cristiano Ronaldo has removed a tremendous weight to everyone,” he said, to move on to give him a full-blown stick. “He is very egocentric in everything,” he said. For that reason, he affirms that his march “is going to leave to the Real Madrid much tranquility”. In fact, he sees how the merengue team “plays more relaxed and calm”.

Cristiano Ronaldo, against Parma.


It was not always so critical

Although Cristiano Ronaldo does not seem very happy with Goikoetxea, it was not always like that. About five years ago, in 2013, he acknowledged that he had voted for Portuguese for Golden Ball in a Catalan radio, although he assured that, in his opinion, Messi It was the best. But his vision of the Portuguese seems to have taken a tremendous turn in these years.

Praise to Cristiano from Juventus

These statements of the ex-football player contrast with all the words that have said about Christian have been praise. Although his start to the season has not been good in terms of goals, teammates like Matuidi or Bernardeschi have not hesitated to publicly praise the new star of the Vecchia Signora.

In Juventus they are patients with Cristiano. In recent years at Real Madrid, the '7' Juventino did not start either in a good way, but then it was key to the conquests of the titles won in recent years, especially in the three Champions League Consecutive




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