<pre>Fernando Morientes: Griezmann, Messi and Cristiano can eat at the same table

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Fernando Morientes, Former Real Madrid footballer, spoke on Friday about the derby that his former team will play against Atlético this weekend and declared that Antoine Griezmann can eat “at the same table” with Lionel Messi and with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Morientes analyzed thoroughly the encounter that this Saturday will dispute “meringues” and rojiblancos and gave the reason to the Gaul when he said that was at the level of those who are possibly the two best players in the world.

“Elite players like Griezmann, Cristiano and Messi You can eat all at the same table. There is no type of problem. Isco can eat at all of them. And Piqué, and Busquets, and Sergio Ramos … “he commented.

About the declarations of Sergio Ramos, who said that Griezmann's statement was the result of a very “daring” ignorance, Morientes did not want to enter a “pique” which he said is between the Spanish international and the French player.




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