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Although a couple of months ago since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo of the Real Madrid to Juventus, the documentary that he has retransmitted Realmadrid TV on the night of this Monday, 'In the Heart of The Thirteenth', about the last end of Champions, has made relive past times.

Edu Aguirre, has been in the program The Chiringuito de Jugones from MEGA to give his opinion on the film and reaffirm his support for the Portuguese star. After having seen the images the tertuliano said that “he likes it a lot. I'm left with the moments before the final “, where a united family was seen, a term that the Luso called his new team.

In addition, the shadow of '7' exmadridista is very long, and pursues the journalist there where he goes for his unconditional defense. “I do not like having the feeling of having to apologize for getting along with Cristiano,” he declared forcefully. Continuing with that he had “to ask for forgiveness to Real Madrid for going to Turin to see Cristiano. “

Cristiano celebrates a goal with Juventus


Hypocrisy apart

“I think it's compatible to be a Madridista and support Cristiano,” he said, without understanding why they could not understand his position and point of view. The journalist continued speaking clearly and expressed that “Cristiano she feels that there is hypocrisy … and it is not on the part of the fans. “Adding that he has gone from seeing him as the best player to attacking him, something that Madeira does not understand.

He continued to reaffirm his thinking, claiming that five times Golden Ball he is not going to stop being a Madridista “, he simply felt that he had to leave as he left the capital.” Cristiano is happy, not because he scored two goals yesterday, but because of the new stage he is in, “Aguirre announced. .

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