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He Real Madrid faces his first league derby in the last decade without Christian Ronaldo. The figure of the Portuguese will not be more in front of Atlético, at least with the white club shirt, which is a great relief for the colchoneros that will not have to support the top scorer in the history of the derbies.

The 22 goals that Cristiano has scored at Atleti with Real Madrid it has been a continuous suffering for the athletes. Eleven of them were in League, Meanwhile in Champions already is known by all the history between the Madrid clubs, being the '7' fundamental in the success meringues. But Cristiano is already gone and Real Madrid needs another player to instill the same fear that Cristiano put in the body of the rojiblancos.

Madrid already played their first derby without Cristiano in the European Super CupHowever, it was not a party to designate an 'heir'. It was a shock to which both teams did not reach one hundred percent physically and in which mistakes defined the winner. But now it is different and with the season already in full swing, the two have been able to demonstrate what they are capable of. At home, Real Madrid hopes to reward the fans with a victory. For this, he needs a new king of the derby.

Cristiano celebrates his goal to Atleti

Ramos, the European nightmare of the Atleti

Without Cristiano, the great nightmare of Atleti is Sergio Ramos. The name of the driver is unintentionally associated with the minute 93, the blackest minute in the history of Atlético. Not satisfied with this, the '4' of Madrid would mark two years later in another Champions final against their neighbors Wanda. It is the cause of the two toughest shovels of the Atleti and only for that reason and his only figure produces tremors among athletes. In total, he has scored five goals in the derbies, the current Madrid player who has the most. In Tallinn, in addition, he was seen taking one of Cristiano's responsibilities, the penalties. But Ramos is a defender and can not take all the gallons of Cristiano.

Bale, Cristiano's heir in Madrid

Real Madrid needs an offensive player who is a predator when he sees the rojiblancos ahead. A man who, like Cristiano, rifles the goal of Oblak and that is none other than Gareth Bale. The Welsh have never been particularly successful derbies, in fact only adds a goal against them – the Lisbon-, but has taken the leadership of Madrid without Cristiano. He looks very comfortable in his new role and has taken a step forward in his career by becoming the reference in the white attack. In the European Supercup he could not score, but he is currently the most fit player in the team

Gareth Bale celebrates a goal

Gareth Bale celebrates a goal


Bale has four goals and three assists. Each game goes to more and even in the clash against the Seville, where the team touched bottom, the Welshman was remarkable being the player that all the time I believe danger in the goal of Vaclik. He did not take the prize because of the stick, but left sensations so that the Real Madrid came out at least satisfied with the role of his star in that game.

Bale will not be alone. He will act escorted by Benzema Y Asensio. The Frenchman has four goals against Atleti throughout his career and wants to recover the image he showed in the first clashes of the season. He has already scored for Atleti in Tallinn and now points again to the rojiblancos. The Mallorcan, for his part, is yet to premiere his scoring account in the derbies. This, after the Supercopa, will be the first to face in his title role. It is the great white hope and it fulfills just 100 matches with the merengue shirt this Saturday, a nice date to start an important legacy in the derbies.




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