<pre>Marcelo must pay millionaire fine after ratifying agreement with the Prosecutor for fraud

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The Brazilian Marcelo Viera da Silva, player of Real Madrid, pay to 753,624 euros (609 million Chilean pesos) per defrauding the Treasury of Spain for 490,917 euros in the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) for the year 2013, after ratifying on Wednesday the agreement reached with the Provincial Prosecutor of Madrid.

Legal sources informed Efe that Marcelo went to a court in Madrid to ratify the agreement he reached with the Prosecutor's Office months ago, after it filed a complaint in October 2017 for the possible offense against the Treasury.

The pact with the public prosecutor supposes that the soccer player of Real Madrid accepted a four-month jail sentence for fiscal offense and the payment of 753,624 euros, which now must be ratified by the judge in a judgment, the sources add.

If the magistrate decides replace the jail sentence with a fine, the amount you will have to pay would amount to nearly 800 thousand euros.

The Public Prosecutor accused the Brazilian soccer player of create a corporate structure to hide the income received for the exploitation of their image rights, to the point that, following the declaration of the year of 2013, in September of the following year, the Treasury returned to Marcelo 10,258 euros.




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