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Day five of The league has started this Friday September 21 with the meeting between the Huesca and the Real society, which ended with the victory of the visitors. One of the games on Saturday will be the one that faces the Real Madrid and to Spanish at Santiago Bernabeu, with a referee that is a familiar face of La Liga.

Is about Mateu Lahoz, collegiate of Valencian origin, which belongs to the Committee of Referees of the Valencian Community. It is not the first time he has managed the merengue team, nor will it be the first time he has stepped on the turf of the white coliseum. In fact, it will be the 34th time in which the braid calls a party of the Chamartín entity, between the domestic competition, the Copa del Rey and the Spain Supercup.

The balance with Mateu for the meringues is not bad. Up to 23 times Madrid has been victorious in these games, by only four draws and six defeats. However, in the last three games that have led the balance is quite different, since they are two losses and one draw.

A controversial arbitrator

On more than one occasion, Mateu has been accused of benefiting more from the account of the Real Madrid squad. However, there is a clear example that this is not the case. In the 2016/2017 season, the Valencian, fortunately, was not decisive in the game played by the meringues with the Betis, although the white victory was not given thanks to the referee.

In that duel, Mateu Lahoz did not whistle two clear penalties of Pezzella Y Mandi to Cristiano Ronaldo Y Álvaro Morata respectively. In addition, the Sevilla team goal should not have gone up to the scoreboard since Sanabria prevented the vision of Keylor Navas and he was offside. But, if this were not enough, he canceled a legal goal to Cristiano also out of nonexistent game, which shows that, although the balance with this referee is not bad, their decisions are not always as fair as they should be.




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