<pre>Millionaire fine: Spanish Treasury sanctions Luka Modric for fraud to the Treasury

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The Spanish Treasury again showed that it is implacable and sanctioned with a millionaire fine the Croatian player Luka Modric, for fraud to the Treasury during the year 2012.

According to newspaper The world, the player defrauded 1.2 million euros, for which they have demanded the same amount as a fine.

This situation occurred because the Treasury estimated that the flyer should pay the full 2012, although it arrived in Madrid at the end of August and only lived four months in the Hispanic capital during that year.

According to the newspaper, the “engine” of Real Madrid already paid this sanction and hired lawyer José Antonio Choclánwho represented the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho, also accused of fraud with the Spanish entity, to show their disagreement




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