Toni Kroos playing the match against France in the UEFA Nations League

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Before the beginning of the Russian World Cup 2018, Mesut Ozil, international player of the German team, a snapshot was taken with the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which sparked a great controversy, as it came to question their loyalty to Germany. In July, the mediapunta came out in defense of the photograph and, as a result of the aforementioned event, announced that he was leaving The Mannschaft.

Months later, the agent of the exmadridista has come to light making a statement that could revive the fire again. Erkut Sögüt has defended the controversial photo of the soccer player with the Turkish president, but also has criticized several German internationals, among them Toni Kroos, for his statements after the player accused to German Football Federation (DFB) of racism.

The adviser stated in an interview offered to the German magazine, 11Freunde, that the player of Arsenal “He did not make any mistakes out of the field, he will remain that way”. He continued describing as “disappointing and out of place” the later comments of the '8' Madridista, Manuel Neuer Y Thomas muller, who were partners of the midfielder in the combined.

Toni Kroos playing the match against France in the UEFA Nations League


The accusations

About the merengue midfielder's statement that the confessions were only a “high percentage of nonsense”, the agent expressed that “As an experienced international, Kroos should explain what he means by the accusation of 'foolishness'.”

However, he was not the only one for whom he had critical words. To the selector, Joachim Löw, he blamed him for defending himself “from an accusation that was never made.” Mesut felt racist attacks not from within the team, but from the center of society: the DFB should have protected him there. “

The president of Bayern Munich, Uli Hoeness, and that of the board of directors, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, also got into the matter, something that the representative did not like, who answered the testimony that the German “is shielding himself and his game crap behind this picture”, with that “ssomeone here wants to distract, it's these two. The performance of their own players, their tax evasion, their unpaid Rolex watches and nepotism in their club. “




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