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Mariano arrived, who did not make his debut, and Benzema showed that this Real Madrid has got stuck. Everything goes well to the white team, who golea and love. The great game of the Frenchman, with a double, reaffirms the confidence that both Lopetegui and the club put on his person this season. The second youth of Karim leads the merengue team. The past, the past is. Surely it is the best version of '9' since landing in Spain in 2009.

The starting lineup of Julen Lopetegui brought the longed-for and awaited debut of Courtois. The Belgian debuted under the clubs of Santiago Bernabéu and the Basque coach sat Keylor Navas after the first two days of La Liga. In addition, Modric regained his place in the lineup and Isco, somewhat irregular in this first part of the season, was the victim. Pellegrino, on the other hand, was betting on a 4-4-2 after having only one point in their double duel against the Basque side, Athletic and Real Sociedad, although the draw against the txuri-urdin had a taste of victory after having gone 0-2 on the scoreboard.

Real Madrid started dominating and playing good football. The white team matured the meeting and Asensio was able to overtake Lopetegui's team in the 6th minute. The Balearic player made a great control to get in front of Cuéllar, but it was too much. Not too late, however, in getting the first goal of the meringues. The author was a toned Gareth Bale that lengthened his streak thus up to ten consecutive official matches by scoring.

A left of Carvajal with the head was taken advantage of by the Welsh, after letting it bounce, to open the can in the minute 17. Bale thus added his third goal in La Liga and Madrid promised them very happy. Although everything would change for a penalty from Casemiro to Eraso. He knocked the Brazilian off the knee with the Pepinero player and Santiago Jaime Latre did not hesitate to point out the maximum penalty.

Carrillo threw an excellent penalty to tie the game and the game started again in minute 24. The possession was almost complete of Real Madrid, over 80%, but Leganés had managed to score in his only arrival in the Courtois area. Nor is it that Lopetegui's team put Cuéllar in a lot of trouble, since despite the dominance there were fingers on one hand to count the chances.

It was not until the edge of the break when Real Madrid returned to step with danger in the area of ​​Leganés. Benzema took a strong cross shot and only the good intervention with the legs of the goalkeeper Pepino prevented the whites from leaving with an advantage to the intermission.

However, Benzema did manage the goal after the restart. Marco Asensio's center and the French nod to the network. Of course, we had to wait for the decision of Santiago Jaime Latre after consulting the VAR. The referee, at first, annulled the both for the stride of the forward with Jonathan Silva, but after seeing the repeated play decided to award the goal.

It was the longest goal in history at the Santiago Bernabéu, but at least video arbitration avoided, who knows what might have happened, that Real Madrid did not leave two valuable points in La Liga. If last season the VAR had existed, the title would not have escaped in the first days. Those matches against Valencia, Levante or Betis and those arbitration decisions.

Not happy with it, Benzema would mark a work of art shortly after to achieve 3-1 and sentence the game. The Gaul, in the 61st minute, combined with Modric and behind a wall, he took out a shoe from the opposite pole. The '9', more killer never. Paradoxically, the march of Cristiano Ronaldo has been the most benefited. Karim is another. Released and unleashed. Win Madrid

I wanted more a Lopetegui team that dropped the goals. Asensio, specialist in taking penalties out of nothing in this La Liga start, caused a new one to be swept by Bustinza. The person in charge of launching it was Sergio Ramos, who is becoming more and more specialized. It did not fail the camero and the Real Madrid that showed his better collective version. More equipment or better family, what would the white captain say?

The Real Madrid retains, with this bulky result, the leadership of La Liga and goes to the break with the duties done. Good image, playing nice and falling goals. The Lopetegui plan works and the team also falls in love with the Santiago Bernabéu. Everything was good news on the first night of September and the return of the holidays for the Madridistas will be happy this year.




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