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During the course of the fourth day of the A series, the Rome received this Sunday at 12:30 a.m. Chievo. This meeting was the last before the start of the Championswhere the men of Di Francesco will travel to Madrid to play against the whites in the Santiago Bernabeu. However, his league slump is prolonged.

The match started well for the Romans. In the 10th minute, The Shaarawy overtook the locals on the scoreboard. 20 minutes later, with the half hour of game already reached, it was going to be Cristante who would lengthen the distance and sign the 2-0, result that would remain until the break and that tipped the balance in their favor.

Nevertheless, the second part was going to carry out a radical turn of the script of the encounter. In minute 52, practically nothing else to begin the second period, Birsa I was going to put the 1-2, warning that the Chievo was not going to give up or throw in the towel so easily, fighting for the draw.

Manolas celebrates a goal with Roma in the match against Atalanta


Finally, this came thanks to a goal in the final stretch of the game by Stepinski. In the 83rd minute, they saw how their effort paid off and they took a point from the Olympic of Rome. This has only confirmed the bad moment that Di Francesco's men are going through in Serie A, having achieved only one victory against the Torino.

For its part, the Real Madrid comes from leaving your first two points in The league at the expense of Athletic in San Mamés, and aspires to start the defense of the European throne on the right foot. The set of Lopetegui He has not lost in league competition yet, and he does not want to show signs of relaxation at the Champions League premiere, being the only team to have achieved four in five years and three in a row.




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