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Apart from the transfer market, the other great summer morbid has been the speculation and information about the possibility of playing a game of The league in U.S. Although the institution has not yet made it official, they will be Girona Y Barcelona the protagonists of the duel, which would correspond to the 21st day of the championship.

This subject is giving much to talk about in the media and on social networks. So much so that in The beach bar, Tomás Roncero He has made his point of view clear: “It is very good that the Barça to create expectations, but who really wants to see people is the European champion. “

And it is that last May 26, the Real Madrid It rose with The Thirteenth, defeating the Liverpool for 3-1 in the grand final. This was the third Champions consecutive for the set of Concha Espina, and the fourth in five years, which did nothing but enlarge its history worldwide.

Real Madrid up the Champions


That is why the sports journalist considers that, being the first time that the possibility of playing a Spanish competition abroad has been considered, it is good that Barcelona is the first big team to visit the United States, as the first team Contact. However, he believes that the real morbidity will exist when it is Madrid who makes that trip.

How could it be otherwise, this has generated much impact and has led to all kinds of opinions, since some think it is a good idea, while others see it as inappropriate. The league has not yet expressed its approval in this regard, but as the rumors point, the 2018/2019 season could enter the history of Spanish football as the first in which a meeting takes place away from the usual country.




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