Sergio Ramos celebrates a goal with Real Madrid

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This Saturday, August 8, Luis Enrique will debut as coach of the Spanish national team in the match of the League of Nations against England. During the day on Friday, the technician himself and Sergio Ramos They have appeared before the media to express the sensations of the team facing the duel, which they will face with great enthusiasm.

During the course of The spar, journalist Javier Herráez wanted to highlight the figure of the captain of Real Madrid and of the Selection, praising its importance on the playing fields: “The man is the undisputed holder because he has won in the field, has proved to be the best center in the world and has raised three Champions in recent years”.

And is that since he arrived at the set of Concha Espina coming from Sevilla, the progression and evolution of Sergio Ramos has been spectacular. He began occupying the demarcation of lateral, that with the years was reconverted to the one of central, to which it demonstrated to adapt without greater difficulties.

Sergio Ramos celebrates a goal with Real Madrid

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In addition, their ability to join the attack and their great virtue in the air play have proved vital over the years. This aspect has come to light especially in recent years, specifically in the Champions League final Lisbon against him Atlético de Madrid, in which he signed a header in the 93rd minute that no Real Madrid player can easily forget.

From there, Ramos took more confidence in himself, knowing their qualities, and continued adding important goals in the head, most in the final moments to save the team from a defeat or a draw. These merits, added to being an insurance in the defensive line, have turned him into a versatile and very complete footballer. It has the gallons and the tranquility of knowing that both Lopetegui like Luis Enrique they have him, and he hopes to continue being important with both clubs.




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