Florentino Pérez at the Real Madrid Assembly

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Florentino Pérez Rodríguez (March 8, 1947, Madrid) He was always a good student who did not fall from the standings in any of his exams. Now, with “the cap of president of Real Madrid” put as he says, he also passes the test before the compromisario partners with honors.

Some presaged, or rather wanted, that the Assembly to approve the financing of the new Santiago Bernabéu Stadium was the most difficult of the maximum white leader. However, nothing is further from reality. 92.70% of the votes were in favor of the proposal of the board of directors. That is, Florentino, the engineer, again passed with note a new call.

The president of Real Madrid was more naked body than ever. Because he, who saved the club from the catastrophe in the year 2000, recognized for the first time that it endorsed its assets to avoid the conversion of the entity into a Public Limited Sports Company. He even revealed in his own mouth the graffiti and threats he has had to suffer for throwing the violent out of the stadium that will now become the jewel in the crown of his mandate.

The 41 titles achieved under his presidency speak for themselves the transcendence of Florentino Pérez in the sports history of Real Madrid both in football and in basketball. But his management has always gone beyond the ball between or not in the goal or in the hoop. As he did in his day Santiago Bernabéu, Florentino has wanted to take the club to a new dimension.

For this reason he built the Ciudad Real Madrid in Valdebebas, leaving behind the old Sports City. It was on May 12, 2004 when Dani Carvajal, now a member of the first team and then one of the children of the lower categories, and Di Stéfano laid the first stone of what is now the heart of the quarry and the day a day of soccer and basketball teams. An evolution that has completely changed the model of Real Madrid, taking it to a higher level and being the envy of all clubs for unbeatable facilities.

Florentino Pérez at the Real Madrid Assembly

The transformation of Real Madrid took her to all areas: economic, social, communication … With Florentino Pérez, she entered the 21st century and with her legacy she will reach the next. Because his great work will incorporate the new Santiago Bernabéu, the house of all the Madridistas and that will be the axis on which the future of the club will be built.

In 2009 he had to return to the outrages that had happened in the entity after his departure only three years earlier. Because he did not save the club only once, he did it twice. Now, nobody imagines a Real Madrid without Florentino Pérez. Not even his detractors, who are few and those who in turn do not want the good to that team with a redondito shield on the chest and with the cabinets full of titles.

Because being 'Florentine' is easy. Its normal. It's being a Madridista.





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