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The Spanish national team is concentrated for the match of the League of Nations of this Saturday against England. Apart from sports, one of the most viral moments has starred Marco Asensio. The young Mallorcan had a meeting with an amateur who could not contain the excitement to have so close to the player.

For its part, the '20' of Real Madrid He did not hesitate to respond to the affection by signing an autograph and taking a picture with her. While all this was taking place, the girl did not stop thanking him without giving credit to what he was living: “Thank you very much Asensio, I really love to see you play and I do not lose your games, you are the best and my idol”.

Before that, Marco had a permanent smile of satisfaction, and when he finished photographing her he gave her a hug to calm her down, although the young woman could not stop thanking him for every gesture. Next, the reporters asked her if she was happy, to which she responded with a smile: “Yes, I am very much, I still do not believe it”.

The last comedic aspect was played by herself, when she wanted to know her place of origin: “I am from Murcia and he had come here to learn a bit of English, but in the end nothing. “This ended up making a laugh to everyone present and thus concluded his dreamed encounter with his idol.




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