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After the premiere of the new edition of the Champions of this Tuesday, on Wednesday the first day of the elimination group phase will be completed. One of the meetings will be the one that disputes Real Madrid Y Rome, which will take place in Santiago Bernabeu from 9:00 p.m. This duel will be experienced in a special way for the Madridistas, since in the Italian club militates the figure of Kostas Manolas.

The team's defender was in charge of signing the final 3-0 in the Olympic of Rome, which meant a historic comeback and the elimination of Barcelona of the highest European competition last year. Knowing this and the visit of the Monchi this Wednesday, Afredo Duro, tertullian The beach bar, did not want to miss the arrival of the Romans.

Undoubtedly, the man who was in the crosshairs of Duro was none other than Manolas. It should be remembered that on more than one occasion he has been seen on the set of the famous sports program with his shirt, in memory of the great feat achieved over the Catalans, which he considers worthy of admiration and respect.

On the other hand, it is also expected that the white coliseum receive the '44' of the Rome with a big ovation, since it left out of scene the maximum rival of the Champions, competition that the white club has been harvesting three years in a row, and four in the last five, something that no other team has been able to achieve.

Finally, we just have to wait until 9:00 am on this Wednesday to be aware of the support Manolas receives from the Madrid fans. What was achieved last year is something that will always be recorded in the retina of the whites, and whatever happens, the defender of Roma will receive the warmth of the Santiago Bernabéu before the start of the game.

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