The best images of Atlético de Madrid B-Castilla

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Vinicius Junior (Brazil, July 12, 2000) was the man of the Sunday session despite not playing in First but in Second B. The Brazilian, who joined the Real Madrid once he reached the age of majority, he excelled in the Madrid derby with two fantastic goals. They were the first goals with the white shirt of a player who is called to be one of the dominators of world football in the coming years.

The striker had already left great details in the preseason of the first team, but, due to the competition and as an adaptation plan, Lopetegui he decided to play with the Castile as long as it was not called for the commitments of Real Madrid in The league. A logical solution for a boy of only 18 years and on which he should not fall any pressure in his first season in Europe.

However, the militant antimadridismo decided to make a war for that of seeing a footballer of 45 million euros in the bronze category of Spanish football. They even mocked and attacked the Brazilian for his first performance against Las Palmas Atlético. Vinicius made a game that was neat and approved in his debut, but he discovered how a Real Madrid player always has to walk on the embers lit by the arsonists.

The best images of Atlético de Madrid B-Castilla

The Vinicius plan is not different from the one carried out with Casemiro back in 2013. The midfielder was already an absolute international with Brazil, but due to his youth it was decided that his first months in the capital of Spain will happen in Castilla. The result is already known to all, four Champions to his credit and key in the last three consecutive. In other words, what a bad decision was not what the white club took at the time.

Before him Athletic BVinicius showed why he was considered the best youth player in the world before signing for Real Madrid. He was a determining player who dominated all the lower categories. The recognition was not given to him for free, since his rivals were the ones who stood out for that different soccer player and who played at a higher speed.

Two goals, the second a beautiful shot to the square, has been his letter of introduction in Spain. The Brazilian took his side more play and showed that Real Madrid is not wrong to be excited about this young pearl. A diamond still to be polished and that Lopetegui, present in the Cerro del Espino, is careful with care.

The Madrid coach was delighted with the performance of Vinicius, but was not surprised. He knows what he is capable of, but he also wants to protect him from the scavenging vultures that await the slightest slip of the striker. He was even assaulted by Tachi, captain of Atlético B, who hit, grabbed and bit the Brazilian's head. An excessive violence that must always be denounced regardless of the colors of the shirt.

What is clear is that the white project with the young pearl works and is on the right track. Perhaps this week, unfairly, the striker does not occupy the same lines in the media or the same seconds of television and radio. But Vinicius already dances samba on the critics of Real Madrid.




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