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The coach of Spanish, Joan Francesc Ferrer 'Ruby', said Friday before the meeting on Saturday against Real Madrid that want to give “war”, and that there “party.”

The blue and white coach said that the team moves “with the flag of illusion” for its good time, but with a head. “If we do not accompany her effectively and work, they will shoot her in a second,” he reflected. In any case, the ambition is maximum: “I would not sign the tie,” he said.

Espanyol, to surprise at the Bernabéu

The technician explained that it gives a certain priority “to the result because it is important in the short term, but also the image is it”. In this sense, Rubi let intuit that he will maintain his tactical bet: “We can look for new things to try to surprise, but on the other hand we can not deviate very much”.

Marc Roca celebrating the goal of Espanyol. Photo: rcdespanyol.com

In any case, the head of the Catalan bench is convinced of the ability of his team. “We are on the right track to be able to do great things, regardless of what happens at the Bernabéu, because the team is showing that they want to make the fans enjoy and look up,” he said.

Madrid without Cristiano Ronaldo

Rubi valued the output of Christian of the Madrid this summer: “We are talking about one of the best in the world, so something stays in the way if you do not have it, but sometimes it can serve to enhance virtues that you had hidden”. “It is undeniable that Madrid is very powerful and that Cristiano is an extraterrestrial,” he concluded.




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