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This Saturday the Real Madrid he played again a game of The league in the Conference 4 after the stop of selections. The players of Julen Lopetegui they visited San Mamés to try to get three complex points. However, they could only get one, although they played a good game.

After enough footballers were absent from the Spanish capital to attend the call of their respective teams, the eleven of the coach of Asteasu It was one of the big questions. Finally, Casemiro It was the only innovation in the rotation, since after 12,000 kilometers traveled, he preferred not to play the full 90 minutes. And about it he wanted to give his opinion Jorge Valdano.

The Argentine began by saying that “he liked the attitude of the team very much, it was a very demanding game from beginning to end that Real Madrid did not lose at any time, even in its worst soccer moments”. Lopetegui “hI made a bet for the game with very long possessions with very good players like Ceballos, Kroos, Modric; but here we run into a problem, and that is that when it is not Casemiro the team loses stability “, guaranteed without any doubt.

Casemiro at the Girona – Real Madrid


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“Today a coach told me: 'But how is Real Madrid going to miss his worst player in the middle of the field?' Because he considered Casemiro well below Kroos and Modric, “revealed the ex-football player, who did not believe these words.

Kroos, your support

Valdano continued with that “Casemiro is the screw that the team needs to stabilize in the middle”, adding that “of course Kroos has really incomparable distributor conditions, he touches a hundred balls and loses two, but that is a function that requires other aspect”.

“In other words, being very organized, being very stable ahead of the line of four” is something very important also within the field of play, “and there he disperses a bit, so that if he plays Casemiro he remains the same organizer, equal distributor, important in the team supporting the obligations in a player who meets them in a phenomenal way, “he said.




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