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The lawyer Sylvain Cormier, defender of the interests of Karim BenzemaHe accused the football player Léo D'Souza, who claims to have suffered an assault and a attempted kidnapping by the player's environment, to try cheat the front.

In statements to EFE, Cormier said that D'Souza “dreamed of working with Benzema”, but he “dreamed a little too much”.

The lawyer went to court to formalize a complaint for slander against D'Souza, which adds to the one that claims to have already filed for “abuse of confidence” against the agent.

He considered that D'Souza's allegations that Benzema's circle of trust attacked him and tried to force him into a van on October 7 outside a Paris bar are “a subterfuge” to try to hide their attempted fraud.

The Office of the Prosecutor of Paris confirmed to Efe that launched an investigation for attempted extortion to D'Souza for that altercation, which occurred one day when Benzema was in the French capital because he had attended the match between Paris Saint Germain and Olympique de Lyon.

The investigation has its origin in the D'Souza's complaint against a person who, according to the Prosecutor's Office, is not Karim Benzema.

The Real Madrid soccer player scoffed at his Twitter account of the complaint and called for the end of this matter by pointing out, with irony, those that he considers inconsistencies of the complainant.

“'A friend of Benzema touches the arm of De Souza (sic), and that is a kidnapping','De Souza has been beaten to death, and has no days off work',' De Souza says Benzema was in the van, and the researchers have ruled that thesis'. Is this world serious? “Asked rhetorically in the message the Real Madrid striker.

The information site Mediapart, who revealed this matter, stated that the person reported is Smaïne Tabennehas, childhood friend of the football player, and that in the van were his trusted driver and Yamna Aghrib, his charge of communication.

The lawyer also did not want to enter into the question of whether his client had ordered the agent to transport at the end of July 50,000 euros -from a job of the football player for a sponsor- from Morocco to France, and said that the open inquiries should clarify things .

According to Médiapart, D'Souza claims that the Moroccan customs officers seized the money at Marrakesh airport, but the Benzema clan does not believe him and that's why he had quoted him in Paris on October 7 to face him for a supposed scam.

It should be noted that Benzemá is carrying an accusation for his alleged involvement in an extortion attempt against the then team-mate, Mathieu Valbuena, which is why he has been prevented from using the French team's jersey again in the last three years.

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