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Second international stop of the season and the Real Madrid You can draw several positive conclusions from this. One of them is, without a doubt, Dani Ceballos, the great Madrid news of the Selection and even the season. The Utrera took another step in his progression during this last week.

After another break called with the Selection, the second already, Ceballos returns to Real Madrid once again reinforced. If in September he served to have his first contact with the Absolute, in this has already settled and seems to have 'ordered' a fixed site for him in the calls. Already in his debut against Croatia He left very good feelings, thanks to his football that seems to be furnished to perfection in the style of the new Touch Selection. A more vertical game without losing the characteristic touch.

Ceballos sits in the National Team

Luis Enrique He has Ceballos and a lot for his team. He gave him nothing more and nothing less than 90 minutes against Welsh. Premiere with the national team, although it was a friendly, and was at the level of the rest of the team that went over the whole of the British Isles. He did not mark, but he did give assistance to Paco Alcácer in the first goal of the game. It was very good, but when Ceballos shines the most is when the team needs him and that's what happened on Monday.

Ceballos and Aspas protest the referee in Spain – England


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After playing all against Wales, the bench awaited Ceballos in 'his' stadium, the Benito Villamarín. It was a special date for him, but Luis Enrique preferred to bet on more settled players like Busquets, Thiago Y Saul in the center of the field. But the catastrophe of the first half forced 'Lucho' to move the bench and made use of two of his players: Paco Alcácer and Ceballos. Could not get more and better Luis Enrique. The entry of the two changed the image of the National Team and made the whole stadium dream with a possible comeback that was at the gates with the 2-3 of Sergio Ramos in the 97th minute.

Ceballos demonstrated once again his enormous talent as soon as he stepped onto the field. The team was more dynamic with him in the field and saw a Spain with more ideas than in the first half, in which he was asleep and unrecognizable. He is 22 years old and this was his third appearance with the National Team, but that did not stop him from taking the helm and the responsibility of the team. If with Paco Alcácer, Spain won in goal; with Ceballos, Spain won in football.

Ceballos, in a match of Real Madrid

Ceballos, in a match of Real Madrid

The confidence of Lopetegui and Luis Enrique

He even threw the team on his back and is not the first time he does this season. That self-confidence that was seen in Betis and of which little could be enjoyed last year, and which now shows off thanks to the confidence that they have given him so much Lopetegui as Luis Enrique, in Real Madrid and Selección, respectively. He is shining with confidence and he does not care if he has to take the chestnuts out of the fire. In fact, you could say that even motivates him.

Ceballos is clear about which is the way to succeed. After a year of working in the shade, now knows what it costs to have opportunities and it seems that is willing to not miss even one.




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