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The Belgian flyer Chelsea, Eden Hazard, he confessed that his most yearning since he was little is to wear the T-shirt once Real Madrid, also ensuring that the cast “merengue” is the best on the planet.

In this regard, the one trained in Lille assured several English media after the victory of the “blues” over Southampton that “Real Madrid is the best club in the world, I do not want to lie, (playing for Real Madrid) it's my dream since I was a kid”.

In turn, Hazard revealed that from time to time he wants to leave the London cast, which he arrived in 2012. “In my head, sometimes I wake up in the morning and I think I want to go (Chelsea), and sometimes I think I want to stay. It is a difficult decision, it is my future. I am 27 years old and I will be 28 in January, “he said.

Along the same lines, the midfielder added that “it's like when you have a dream and want to make it come true. I have said it many times: if I leave, I will be happy, I know that if I stay I will be happy. It's not that if I leave I will be happy and if I stay I will not be happy. “




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