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On Sunday Camp Nou will host the party that always holds everyone in suspense, The classic. A Barcelona without Lionel Messi will receive a Real Madrid without Cristiano Ronaldo, first confrontation between both without the two stars, within the tenth day of The league.

The one who was a player of Real Madrid, Christian Karembeu, has been before the microphones of the program The Transistor of Onda Cero to comment the pre-face to face between the eternal rivals in the Barcelona. “I have a match, but I would have liked it,” declared the pivot.

“Yes, I would always choose Barça – Madrid with the white shirt”, he said about whether he could go back in time and play only one game. “When we talk about both we know that there are a lot of stars that face with a lot of respect and, above all, representing each entity and each club.” It was a privilege to wear the white shirt, but especially to play with Madrid to compete and win La League It was not easy in my time, but it is always a privilege because it attracts a lot of attention, not only from the Spaniards, but from the followers from outside, “he said.

“I was in Vietnam and more distant countries, in every corner of the world you can see La Liga. It's a pleasure that every time we travel we talk about Messi, Isco, of Alves… Many, many people talk about La Liga. It is a privilege to represent one of the best leagues in the world. Hopefully, El Clásico will be a platform to demonstrate what La Liga is “, pointed out as its ambassador.

Experience similar to the current Madrid that faced

“Yes, we were champions. Jupp Heynckes. It was not easy for us because we were champions, then we changed coaches, we won the Champions League with the lord Forest. The transition was not easy “, revealed about the three seasons he lived in the merengue team.

“I think that Madrid now has a stability, we have not changed many players, there are two or three who left, but we always have a base, now we have changed trainer, Cristiano was a fundamental piece in the white team, now there is a new coach who can change and help because it is not easy to catch Madrid with what he has done Zidane“, commented on why there are those changes of being well and then bad.

Sergio Ramos, in a match of Real Madrid

The Madridista leader

“Now the captain, Sergio Ramos, is the leader. Bale he has to open his character to take responsibility. I know it's not good -Ramos-, but it takes time for everything, to get to know the coach … It's not easy, there is always pressure in Madrid. Each year is not easy because you always have to secure the title or the Champions, “he says.

“It's not easy for anyone, for players to get consistency every year is not easy because things change every year, age changes too … Now I think it has to be united, and El Clasico can be a challenge for everyone , to unite Madrid, the clubs and reduce the difference of four points, “he said.

Are you surprised that you did not sign a player after Cristiano left?

“With Zizou he did not change much in three years and he won titles, and with a group that remains, you can win titles. Vinicius It is there, but it is very young. Cristiano left and nobody can replace him, he is unique, Messi too, and we hope that next time they can buy someone different as Mbappé or another, “he pointed out.

The struggle of the Catalan team and merengue for their services

“Please … I have time to play with Messi -risas-,” he said about whether he had currently chosen the Catalan club to play alongside the Argentine. “No, with a lot of respect for Barça, I dedicate myself to the white team. Rivaldo, Giovanni… I decided to go to Madrid, my heart decided, my mind. It's something I can not change, it's like that. I know that playing with Messi is a privilege for the players around him, “he said.

His first time at the Camp Nou with white elastic

“It was a shock because no one had told me that was the case. Leverkusen we went to stay in an area of ​​Barcelona and, before the game, the stones -hot to the bus- and I was scared because I could not believe they could do those things. Now everything is very well organized, “he concluded.




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